Our clients think big

Our client's are motivated by growth and have ambitious plans. They are people and organisations needing to adapt to changing market conditions; diversify into new markets and want to explore new investment opportunities within the Public Sector. 

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Adapt, Transform, Execute

The market has evolved considerably in the past two years. The uk government has standardised and commoditised core IT infrastructure and services; UK government are "open for business" to new types of suppliers; innovative technology is challenging historical operational and price models and future growth requires innovation and going about business prospecting and development very differently. To be successful oganisations need to adapt, transform and execute in these evolving market condtions.



System Integrators

Trading conditions in the past two years have been tough. And it is likely the future will be as equally hard as the Cabinet Office's initiatives take affect. To remain competitive and grow it is critical that you adapt to the new market dynamics and transform your existing business operations and sector strategy.

Tick-3Identification of high value new growth opportunities 

Tick-3Adapt and transform sales and marketing operations to the challenging market environment and dynamics

Tick-3Embrace and compete with more agile businesses and processes

Tick-3Execute and close more opportunities

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Small Medium Enterprises

Public Sector offers long term high value secure business. The government are working hard to redistribute 25% of their reported £300bn expenditure on goods and services towards SMEs. The historical SME barriers to entry - procurment complexities, onerous commercial terms, costs of procurements etc - are being mitigated and relaxed. Their has been no better time for SME's to access one of the largest and most lucrative markets in Europe.

Tick-3Diversify into the public sector market with long term guaranteed business

Tick-3Mobilise your organisation to effectively and efficienty compete for public sector programmes and opportunities

Tick-3Identify suitable programmes and opportunities that will delivery near term business with the minimal cost outlay

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Private Equity

The UK Public Sector is the largest IT services and technology sector in the EU spending annually £16bn. Due to budgetary pressures and desire to improve citizen services the UK government is actively embracing innovative technologies and services. Uk Government is also working hard to mitigate market barriers to entry and faciliating a 25% redistribution of total expenditure towards SMEs. There has been no better time to consider the UK Public Sector market as a viable investment consideration.

Tick-3Sector strategy and market evaluation

Tick-3Implementation and mobilisation of an efficient and effective sales and operational capability

Tick-3Identification and closure of key government opportunities and programmes

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