Shelving EngineeringCaem UK

Shelving EngineeringCaem UK

Create custom-length retailer aisles for retail, grocery and hardware stores. Our sturdy steel gondola shelving is ideal for these locations requiring a heavy duty shelving technique. Great for meals shops, auto parts and any other retail shop application requiring added support for heavy items. Available in a variety of sizes and colors. Use the Gondola Units for out in the shop floor or as a stand alone unit or strung with each other to supermaket design make a double side aisle. Finish Units are for use at the finish of an gondola unit such as at the finish of an aisle run. Lastly use the Wall Units to get maximum usage of your store floor space. check grocery shelf . Decide on Shelves and Fencing to outfit your shelving for your certain merchandise demands.

Six-inch increments divide the heights. Most gondola shelving units can be simply cut to any height divisible by 6". Gondola shelving is the most popular sort of retail fixture simply because of its wonderful versatility. Shelve it with simply adjustable shelves, peg it with pegboard and hooks, arrange in long rows or short… gondola is quite merely commercial shelving at its greatest.

Choosing the appropriate height of gondola unit is crucial, as choosing the wrong a single can be expensive. Too low and it can be challenging to show and merchandise a wide selection of products. Too higher and it can obstruct the view and compromise on security. 1.4m -1.6m is a standard height, and the ideal-selling gondola shelf for little to medium shops. Heights of 1.8m-2.1m have a tendency to be much more suitable for the larger supermarkets and cash & carries.

At Shop Supplies, we pride ourselves on our client service. So if you have any solution questions or would like some specialist guidance on how very best to integrate gondola shelving into your shop, email the Shop Supplies group at shop@ these days. UNICO. It can lessen the depth of the section by up to 10 cm, losing only five cm of show space on the shelf but gaining 20 cm in every aisle among the gondolas.

Optimize space and upgrade your retail shop with new gridwall panel displays. We carry a wide choice of wire and slat grid panel store fixtures, plus grid hardware and accessories to help you create sophisticated and practical retail displays. So those are the main reasons why other shelving alternatives for B-to-C retailers, do not perform in retail environments.