A third of senior Public Sector leaders poised to leave service

A third of senior Public Sector leaders poised to leave service

In a study conducted by the Hay Group it reported that Senior management and frontline staff have lost their sense of pride in the public sector and are poised to leave. Their study revealed:

  1. Almost three-quarters (72 per cent) of public sector workers do not feel proud to work in the sector and seven out of ten (70 per cent) state that their morale is at an all-time low.
  2. More than two-fifths (43 per cent) want to leave their current employer and four-fifths of those (78 per cent) are planning to wave goodbye within the next three years.

More alarming is data on Senior Public Sector managers. According to Hay Group's research, almost a third (32 per cent) of senior managers who are looking to leave their organisation want to do so this year – higher than for any other job level.

More than two-fifths (43 per cent) are planning to leave the public sector altogether, with over four-fifths (84 per cent) falling under the banner of experiencing all-time low morale.

Over a quarter (27 per cent) feel that public criticism is a significant barrier to feeling proud of the sector, and a fifth (23 per cent) highlight a lack of leadership.

Government supply side impact

A mass exit of senior managers does not present good news to suppliers delivering existing government contracts as well as current and future pursuits. As can be witnessed by the UKBA Border Security Programme the exit of recent senior managers has delayed the procurement and has created confusion around project aims with staff. The market could witness further delays across many other programmes if the Hay Group's study plays out in reality. 


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